1. Time

From the recording Chaos

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Music by John Edmond
Lyrics by Randall Tarrant


I don’t have any doubt about it
I’m sure everything is gonna be alright
I have faith it will all work out
I just don’t think it will be tonight

It seems pain has been my teacher
I’ve been spoon-fed humility
While expecting God to work in my time
I’ve learned a lot about reality

I’ve seen the prayerless plans of man
With their self approval, “Looks just fine”
Only to watch them fade away
Cause it wasn’t in God’s time

I can’t set my watch to it
Time in His and His to keep
Sometimes it seems slow moving
But what you sew you’re gonna reap

So do yourself a great big favor
Don’t look up and ask Him when
You’ll know it’s His time when it gets here
So trust in Him to keep you till then

Not in a day or even in a week
Not when you want and sure not when you think
You can spring ahead or you can fall behind
You can change the hands on the clock
But you can’t change God’s time