1. Isaiah 12

From the recording Jam For The Lamb

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Music & lyrics by Dennis Beckwith


There will be a day when you will say
Oh Lord, how I praise Thee
You were angry with me,
But You turned that away
And now You comfort me
You will not be afraid,
For He'll be your strength
He'll be your song of salvation
Thereafter with joy,
You will draw the water out
From the well of His sweet salvation

You'll praise His name on high
Praise His name on high
Praise His holy name, praise His name

And on that day you will surely say
Thank you Lord, and praise His name
You'll tell everyone that He is awesome
And how your life just isn't the same
You'll sing a song
For the things that He has done
And get a message out to everyone
You'll cry out and shout,
And get the word out
That He's alive,
And He is the Holy One